As millennials growing up, eating healthy meant compromising on the yum-factor. It was about time we got a snack that we didn’t have to feel guilty eating!
B-lite brings you delicious cookies that come packed with the goodness of the superfood known widely as spirulina. With every bite, you invest in your good health as these cookies help regulate your cholesterol, lowering your blood pressure and providing you with all the amino acids your body needs.
What a time to be alive when you can gobble up a mouth-watering cookie to boost immunity!

All things artificial left out, all things natural added, to create a cookie that’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

 Flavourful enough to get you to heaven, healthy enough to keep you on earth for long.

A cookie like this a day, to keep your immunity concerns at bay. Add an apple and you’re immortal!

Spirulina is a superfood that has been used for centuriesas a source of protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and antioxidants.It was only a matter of time someone made tasty cookies out of it because the health benefitsassociated include reduced
inflammation, lowered cholesterol levels, reduction in blood pressure, and enhanced immune function.

B-lite is India’s first spirulina cookies brand thatmakes premium cookies from rare millet variants. The cookies are rich in dietary fibre, iron and vitamin C, making it a snack that’s a must to pack!