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Blite Spirulina Protein Choco-chip Cookies – 3 Pack Combo

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When you think of cookies, you cannot stray far away from chocolate chips. They are synonymous for a reason, as they go excellently well together! B-lite has got together on a mission to make choco-chip cookies healthy and the result is this pack of spirulina infused delicious bites. The kids would fall in love (obviously), but you wouldn’t be spared either!

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Nutritional Value

With every bite of B-lite spirulina cookies, you consume digestible natural proteins, sufficient amounts of dietary fibre, calcium and iron.With its nutritional goodness, a single pack of these cookies can compensate entirely for a missed meal.
The unhealthy elements like cholesterol, trans fat and white sugar are completely absent, making these cookies a great choice for the health-conscious person. The sugar used to make these cookies is light brown sugar -also known as Demerara sugar – that provides great taste without the unhealthy aspects of white sugar.

Health Benefits
The goodness of spirulina and the organic bake of these cookies have advantageous health benefits for men and women of all age groups. One major benefit that stands out is the regulation of the digestive system that is possible with the organic ingredients.
The cookies help in weight loss by encouraging an increase in metabolism in the body. The cookies can serve as a pre-workout meal replacement because of the high natural protein content.
For children, the natural ingredients of the cookies contribute to the healthy development of the brain and body. Athletes can use these cookies as energy boosters before and after training sessions.
The antioxidants present in spirulina help prevent early signs of ageing and even help women before and after their pregnancy.

5 reviews for Blite Spirulina Protein Choco-chip Cookies – 3 Pack Combo

  1. Musthaqu T M

    Tasty and healthy at same time.

  2. Aakash P

    Really tasty and the designs are attractive. Interested in buying the cookies once more.

  3. Amal Jose Thomas

    Truly one of the best health foods you can lay your hands on. And it tastes good too. Excited about the new flavours. A must try.

  4. Rakesh

    Best delicious and healthy alternative to all those junk foods.

  5. Telson Thomas

    Eating this with cold milk is a delight!

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