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B-lite Spirulina Protein Nutmeg Cookies 3 Pack COMBO- 11.4g Single cell protein, Rich in dietary fiber, Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C | Zero Cholesterol and Trans fat


Snacking has its special place in Indian cuisine and Indian culture. The cravings are real when it is between meals and you’re hunting for something yum in the kitchen. B-lite recognizes this underserved area of the Indian appetite with its three delicious and healthy cookie flavours!

For the palettes that have an affinity towards nutmeg, B-lite has fused the healthy advantages of spirulina with the international flavour of nutmeg. This is a cookie that would be extremely popular with kids and adults alike. And when there isn’t white sugar, why worry?

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Nutritional Value

With every bite of B-lite spirulina cookies, you consume digestible natural proteins, sufficient amounts of dietary fibre, calcium and iron.With its nutritional goodness, a single pack of these cookies can compensate entirely for a missed meal.

The unhealthy elements like cholesterol, trans fat and white sugar are completely absent, making these cookies a great choice for the health-conscious person. The sugar used to make these cookies is light brown sugar -also known as Demerara sugar – that provides great taste without the unhealthy aspects of white sugar.

Health Benefits

The goodness of spirulina and the organic bake of these cookies have advantageous health benefits for men and women of all age groups. One major benefit that stands out is the regulation of the digestive system that is possible with the organic ingredients.

The cookies help in weight loss by encouraging an increase in metabolism in the body. The cookies can serve as a pre-workout meal replacement because of the high natural protein content.

For children, the natural ingredients of the cookies contribute to the healthy development of the brain and body. Athletes can use these cookies as energy boosters before and after training sessions.

The antioxidants present in spirulina help prevent early signs of ageing and even help women before and after their pregnancy.

8 reviews for B-lite Spirulina Protein Nutmeg Cookies 3 Pack COMBO- 11.4g Single cell protein, Rich in dietary fiber, Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C | Zero Cholesterol and Trans fat

  1. Sanal Kumar

    Dear Zaara.
    Thank you for bringing the traditional taste of nutmegs (Jaathika) back to my life. Each bite was delightfully nostalgic. Do focus on other traditional flavours, I know many people like me would appreciate it a lot.
    I would also suggest that you improve the packaging. The current packet is difficult to reseal and carry in a bag.

    • Manager

      Thank You Sanal for your wonderful review.
      We are definitely thinking about changing the product packaging to a newer rectangular packaging for more travel convenience. Keep looking out for it in your future purchases.

  2. Shyam Saji

    Jadhikka flavour biscuit njan aadhyamaayaanu kazhikkunnath.
    Kollaam, variety taste aahnu

  3. Christina

    Loved this flavour, but could you make nutmeg single packs available in addition to combos?
    I want some of my long distance friends to try it out too.

  4. Kunju P.P

    I liked the taste.
    It’s a unique flavor.
    But its a little dry.

  5. Don P

    it’s good

  6. Saravaan

    Flavour is so different

  7. Sarayu Shreshta

    I have tried different varieties of cookies in my life. But I have never tasted a cookie like this before. This is really a good product.

  8. Vishnu S

    A different one

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